Principles of Corporate Governance

corporate governance
corporate governance


As PBS SA Capital Group CEO, Alexander Christodoulakis and his management teams manage an international portfolio several international companies worldwide.

Additionally, Alexander Christodoulakis focuses on the corporate governance, which is defined as the framework used by companies to direct, facilitate and manage their business processes and corporate as well as their commercial operations.

The number of Boards of directors oversee the implementation of corporate governance to ensure a company’s efficiency levels which is based for the long term horizon. Efficient and effective corporate governance is likened to internal affairs and the appropriate committee’s responsible for quality checks and corporate budget balances.

There are a number of principles of the corporate governance, which some specify; shareholder recognition, which dictates that all shareholders should be given equal opportunity to participate during the executive meetings.

Stakeholder interests which is one of the first priories. It also recognizes the importance of non-shareholder stakeholders, such as employees and the community, which is a main priority as well. Board responsibilities specifies and manages expectations of major shareholders, to ensure that all parties are properly informed and the corporate decisions are enforced and implemented accordingly.

Ethical behavior and a code of conduct is also a crucial part of corporate governance. Lastly, business operational transparency to the shareholders regarding financial operations and transactions which promotes shareholder trust.


PBS SA Capital Group

PBS SA Capital GroupAs CEO of PBS SA Capital Group, Alexander Christodoulakis’ management is focused on a growth strategy. The main operations are alternative asset management, corporate management, corporate finance and asset financing.

When a company is in a growth stage and the financial standing and corporate strategy meet the financial requirements, PBS SA Capital acts as an ‘incubator’ or ‘accelerator, for the company, always depending on which phase the company is positioned.

Then it grows and expands the company accordingly with the financing implementation and tactical corporate management positioning. Its capabilities cater to additional tactical support in order to assist the company to better qualify for asset growth as well as repeat funding rounds.

There are healthy revenue making companies in the market who don’t always meet 100% of financial criteria from their capital providers. These companies need to add management support as well as alternative financing avenues to meet their corporate objectives. PBS SA Capital provides this added support system.

There are three types of enterprise categories that PBS SA Capital caters to. The Small Cap, the Mid Cap and Large Cap.

– For the Small Cap, it is common when companies are in a growth phase, capital equity solutions are needed, particularly for companies requiring growth capital. When combined with the PBS SA’s financial and corporate management services, the company’s capital objectives can be met accordingly.

– For the Mid Cap, here companies are established and need additional equity and/or debt financing to make acquisitions in order to grow and expand. Mid Cap companies are the most essential and important ones, that’s why they are considered as the backbone of the economy chain. Most of them are usually financially qualified and are on a more rapid growth phase when compared to others.
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Does Quantum Physics Hold the Solution to Internet Security?

quantum physics
quantum physics


PBS SA Capital Group CEO and Portland Marine Group of Companies president Alexander Christodoulakis, through PBS SA, provides alternative asset management and full range of financial and corporate management services. Once of the few successful product-services is his transportation sector ship financing which provides steadily ship asset growth.

Outside of his very busy schedule and his professional undertakings, Alexander Christodoulakis pursues a personal interest in quantum physics.

Though some consider it arcane, quantum physics has actually resulted in numerous practical applications through the years. A number of technological advancements, ranging from smartphones to magnetic resonance imaging, have been made possible through quantum physics, and the list continues to grow.

In a recent study by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, scientists revealed that quantum physics may present solutions to some of the current problems in online security. Thanks to advances in photon manipulation, scientists have been able to use “teleportation” in order to allow for encrypted messaging that will not be susceptible to hacking. The unique reactions observed in these photons can result in impenetrable security measures.

This discovery comes on the heels of a series of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) cyber attacks that affected a number of sites, including Twitter, Spotify, HBO, Reddit, and the New York Times. This has been described by some online trackers as an initial strike in what could possibly be the largest battle of the Internet age.

Three Aspects of Corporate Management

As an international investment executive and as CEO of PBS SA Capital Group, Alexander Christodoulakis manages a global portfolio of businesses in various industries within the financial sector.

In line with the investment management, another aspect of the few management duties of Alexander Christodoulakis is to provide corporate management, where in some cases important decisions have to taken. In some cases, the need for business or enterprise transformation may be required.

This added management approach also incorporates Business Process Re-engineering.
Should there be changes in the market or industry trends, businesses sometimes require enterprise transformation.

If a company’s products or services are out of date, funding, income or revenue streams being changed, new regulations coming into force or market competition becoming more competitive. These factors and more play a significant role in the life line and operational existence of most enterprises.

It is essential to make drastic changes for the purposes to:

a) Increase revenue, incomes or market position
b) Improve operational quality and customer satisfaction levels
c) Reduce and also cut out any unnecessary costs

Business transformation is achieved by one or more changes while realigning the way employees work and operate. How the organisation is structured, the core product or service portfolio of the business and how changes or even how technology can effect these changes for a more effective management.