Solar Energy Market on the Rise Globally


Alexander Christodoulakis
Alexander Christodoulakis

International financier and business executive Alexander Christodoulakis oversees a number of business ventures, including the PBS SA Capital Group, which offers financial solutions in the marine and financial sectors.

Alexander’s Portland Energy Corp. in recent years managed one of the world’s largest Cleantech portfolio’s, mainly comprising of Solar and Wind portfolios under management.

The solar energy market has soared globally in recent years. In the United States, for example, the industry has seen an increasing number of records set. Production costs of solar panels and the appeal of an alternative energy source have contributed to this growth.

Analysts predict that other markets, including China and India, will likely experience surges similar to the one in the U.S. In addition, a number of Latin American countries are anticipated to pursue investments in solar energy.

With all of these nations on board, solar could account for as much as 35 percent of the infrastructure projects completed around the world by 2040. This would represent a financial commitment of more than $3.7 trillion, making solar energy one of the top industries moving forward.

Shipping Industry Cyber-attack Threats and Counter Measures


Alexander Christodoulakis
Alexander Christodoulakis

International financier and lead investment executive, Alexander Christodoulakis heads PBS SA Capital Group, which has primary operations in investment management and corporate management in the shipping industry. One of a few concerns of Alexander Christodoulakis’ is cyber-attack threats on the shipping industry and the counter measures needed to address it.

Like the rest of the world, the shipping industry is becoming highly digitized and interconnected. Ships are now highly dependent on GPS and sophisticated communication. The shipping industry also transfers huge volumes of data and performs transactions electronically. While this has brought about better efficiency, it also exposes the industry to hacking and cyber-attacks.

Among the steps that industry players can take to increase security include better educating personnel on the importance of following company protocols and how to detect if any form of cyber-attack is taking place. Companies may improve their parameter systems through simulated cyber-attacks as well as procure expert advice on how to properly address security breaches.

There are also steps taken in the government level. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security research group, Command, Control, and Interoperability Center for Advanced Data Analysis, is presently collaborating with cyber-security experts from around the world to research, study, and develop means to stop the increasing threat of cyber-attacks on possible targets.

Principles of Corporate Governance

corporate governance
corporate governance


As PBS SA Capital Group CEO, Alexander Christodoulakis and his management teams manage an international portfolio several international companies worldwide.

Additionally, Alexander Christodoulakis focuses on the corporate governance, which is defined as the framework used by companies to direct, facilitate and manage their business processes and corporate as well as their commercial operations.

The number of Boards of directors oversee the implementation of corporate governance to ensure a company’s efficiency levels which is based for the long term horizon. Efficient and effective corporate governance is likened to internal affairs and the appropriate committee’s responsible for quality checks and corporate budget balances.

There are a number of principles of the corporate governance, which some specify; shareholder recognition, which dictates that all shareholders should be given equal opportunity to participate during the executive meetings.

Stakeholder interests which is one of the first priories. It also recognizes the importance of non-shareholder stakeholders, such as employees and the community, which is a main priority as well. Board responsibilities specifies and manages expectations of major shareholders, to ensure that all parties are properly informed and the corporate decisions are enforced and implemented accordingly.

Ethical behavior and a code of conduct is also a crucial part of corporate governance. Lastly, business operational transparency to the shareholders regarding financial operations and transactions which promotes shareholder trust.

PBS SA Capital Group

Alexander Christodoulakis
Alexander Christodoulakis

As CEO of PBS SA Capital Group, Alexander Christodoulakis’ management is mainly focused on a growth strategy. The main operations are alternative asset management, corporate management, corporate finance and asset financing.

Furthermore, when a company is a growth stage and the corporate standing and strategy meet the financial requirements, then PBS SA Capital may act as ‘incubator’ or ‘accelerator, depending on which stage the company is positioned. Then grow and expand the company accordingly with the financing and corporate management objectives required.

Although PBS SA Capital’s preference is to remain purely on the financing aspects of the transaction, its capabilities cater to additional tactical support in order to assist the company to better qualify for asset growth, as well as possible repeat capital funding rounds.

There are healthy revenue making companies who don’t always meet 100% financial criteria and need added management support as well as alternative financing avenues to meet their objectives. PBS SA Capital provides this added support system.

There three types of enterprise categories that PBS SA Capital caters to: The Small Cap, The Mid Cap and Large Cap:

– For the Small Cap, it is usual when companies are on a growth phase; capital equity solutions are needed and when combined with the PBS SA corporate management services financial objectives can be met accordingly.

– For the Mid Cap, here companies are established and need additional equity and/or debt financing to make acquisitions to grow and expand. Mid Cap companies are essential and important as most financially qualified Mid Cap companies are on a more rapid growth phase when compared to others.

– For the Large Cap, pure expansion and mature corporations- they are well established and the cap deals are larger. They do not usually require additional corporate management support as they mostly in-house already.

The financial services, PBS SA Capital Group usually focuses on are and not limited to:

• Debt Financing – Secured and/or Unsecured

• Private Equity & Public Equity Solutions

• Private Placements

• Debt & Equity Capital Raising

• Mergers & Acquisitions

• Reverse Mergers

• Pre-IPO financing solutions

• IPO’s and stock market listings.

• Secondary listings.

• Alternative Asset Management

• Strategic Advisory

PBS SA Capital provides a global coverage of corporate finance services. With its capital markets coverage, PBS SA Capital overs more than 10 Stock Exchanges and their Alternative Markets: