Solar Energy Market on the Rise Globally


Alexander Christodoulakis
Alexander Christodoulakis

International financier and business executive Alexander Christodoulakis oversees a number of business ventures, including the PBS SA Capital Group, which offers financial solutions in the marine and financial sectors.

Alexander’s Portland Energy Corp. in recent years managed one of the world’s largest Cleantech portfolio’s, mainly comprising of Solar and Wind portfolios under management.

The solar energy market has soared globally in recent years. In the United States, for example, the industry has seen an increasing number of records set. Production costs of solar panels and the appeal of an alternative energy source have contributed to this growth.

Analysts predict that other markets, including China and India, will likely experience surges similar to the one in the U.S. In addition, a number of Latin American countries are anticipated to pursue investments in solar energy.

With all of these nations on board, solar could account for as much as 35 percent of the infrastructure projects completed around the world by 2040. This would represent a financial commitment of more than $3.7 trillion, making solar energy one of the top industries moving forward.


Shipping Industry Cyber-attack Threats and Counter Measures


Alexander Christodoulakis
Alexander Christodoulakis

International financier and lead investment executive, Alexander Christodoulakis heads PBS SA Capital Group, which has primary operations in investment management and corporate management in the shipping industry. One of a few concerns of Alexander Christodoulakis’ is cyber-attack threats on the shipping industry and the counter measures needed to address it.

Like the rest of the world, the shipping industry is becoming highly digitized and interconnected. Ships are now highly dependent on GPS and sophisticated communication. The shipping industry also transfers huge volumes of data and performs transactions electronically. While this has brought about better efficiency, it also exposes the industry to hacking and cyber-attacks.

Among the steps that industry players can take to increase security include better educating personnel on the importance of following company protocols and how to detect if any form of cyber-attack is taking place. Companies may improve their parameter systems through simulated cyber-attacks as well as procure expert advice on how to properly address security breaches.

There are also steps taken in the government level. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security research group, Command, Control, and Interoperability Center for Advanced Data Analysis, is presently collaborating with cyber-security experts from around the world to research, study, and develop means to stop the increasing threat of cyber-attacks on possible targets.

Expanding Your Network


Arguably one of the most important tasks for an entrepreneur to overtake is the ability to successfully network. Entrepreneurs that have a strong network will have a much easier time gaining opportunities in every industry than those without one. Networking seems like a huge undertaking for many new entrepreneurs and even seasoned businessmen when thinking about it abstractly, however, there are steps anyone can take in order to gain a world-class network and the opportunities that come along with it.

Always Be Prepared

Come up with a few short sentences that you will be able to say to anyone you meet that will give them an indication of who you are and what you stand for. Be confident but also try not be boastful or arrogant. Always be willing to hear the other person’s responses and try to find common ground between the two of you.

Know Where to Network

Don’t be afraid to attend networking functions in your industry. Seminars in your field can be excellent ways to meet contacts. If you have an acquaintance attending a seminar, ask if you can be introduced to some of their connections. If you don’t know anyone at the seminar, it could still be a great success if you mingle and meet people in your field. It may seem overwhelming at first, but most people are approachable if you are interested in what they have to say.

You don’t have to attend a seminar or other networking function to meet new connections for your network. Ask people in your current network if they would be willing to introduce you to someone they know in your field that is successful. You never know who your network knows, and having someone you know to bridge the connection could be extremely helpful in building your network.

Network at Every Chance You Get

Even when you have an excellent network including many important contacts, you should still always be networking. Not only will your contacts give you access to more opportunities in the future, but they should also be seen as lifelong contacts and even friends. One of the best ways to access new contacts is by giving your time back to the community. Volunteering will easily expand your network’s reach as well as build a worthwhile relationship with a community focused organization.

Follow Up

Connect with the person on professional sites like LinkedIn and send a follow-up email, if possible, after meeting the person initially. Following up shouldn’t just be done after the first introduction. Periodically check in with your networking contacts to see how their professional career is progressing. Always be willing to lend them a helping hand by providing advice and references when asked. Building a network is not just about meeting new people, it’s also about fostering the relationships you make for years to come.

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Being More Productive


It seems like something distant we say to ourselves from time to time, “I need to be more productive.” Oftentimes when we’re faced with a myriad of tasks to complete all at once, we tend to lose motivation and our productivity sinks. There are ways to counteract this line of thinking and get on the right track to be more organized, productive, and have our days be more manageable.

Create Great Work Habits

There are probably different areas of your work day that could vastly improve with the help of a few useful work habits. Do you easily get distracted or have a hard time focusing on one thing at a time? Work on a project for 5 minutes straight and don’t allow yourself any distractions, then after 5 minutes allow for a small distraction. Continue to gradually add time to the 5 minutes until you’re working an hour straight with no distraction.

Are you having trouble staying organized? Come up with a calendar system that works for you. Whether it’s paper or computer-based, a calendar that is regularly updated is going to keep you on track with tasks that need to be completed.

Do you have difficulty getting work done on time? Get up early on Monday morning and create a list of priorities for the week in order of importance. Every time a priority is completed, check it off the list. Revise your list of priorities, always focusing on the most time-sensitive tasks first.

Make the Most of Your Day

Tackle projects that are the most difficult at the start of your day. The mornings are when most of us feel most energized and this is when large projects should be addressed. Instead of checking your emails, with the exception of pressing issues, go to work on something you’ve been putting off or chip away at a big project. Even if you aren’t able to complete it all by lunchtime, it will be a relief that it was at least worked on.

Mornings can be unbearable for most people, even entrepreneurs. Feel empowered every morning by waking up 2 hours or more before you need to leave for work. Don’t give yourself the option to sleep in, however persuading it may be. Wake up early and get started on your day while many are still in bed. In the early morning hours, you’re free to check your emails, come up with your priority list for the day, check the news, drink some coffee, or do something on your to-do list. If rushing around in the morning is something you deal with often, consider taking charge of your morning and make the most of it.