Best Stock Market Investment Apps


Whether you’re just starting in investing or are a seasoned professional, there are apps that will help you stay up to date on the ever-changing market. These days, our phones are seen as indispensable, and these apps will give you updates while you’re on the go or at home. So if you just need help navigating the investment waters as a beginner or you’re looking to have an edge over other investors, take a moment and check out these apps.



If you are currently investing in the stock market or would like to learn more about specific stocks, it’s worth it to join StockTwits. StockTwits is a social network that is similar to Twitter, but it’s focus is on stocks. The users are investors and traders that give real-time updates and the site also pulls valuable information about specific stocks from the web. When you’re a member, you can connect with other traders and receive advice from people who are actively investing in the stocks that interest you, making it useful for both investors and beginners who have an interest in learning more about investing. This app is a game-changer for the investment world because this sort of service of compiling so much data used to take a long time to gather and a lot of money for investors.



This app is a social investment network, that allows both investing professionals and first-time investors to share a space online and give updates about what they’re investing in. For those who don’t have time to watch the stock market or conduct thorough research on stock movement, this app gives them the opportunity to connect and network with investors and get their advice on specific stocks. It even gives users the ability to review the trading history of a specific trader and copy their trades upon review of their portfolio. eToro’s interface is free and easy to operate, which is great for beginners and seasoned investors alike. For beginners, there are features in the app that allows them to learn about investing and gives them $10,000 in practice money so they can try their hand at investing before actually using their own money towards stocks.


Bloomberg Business

The Bloomberg Business app provides investors with breaking news regarding specific stocks they are investing in. Rather than searching for each stock, you can create a profile on the Bloomberg Business app so that you receive any and all information, straight to your smartphone. This app allows you to easily access data and analysis about stocks from as far back as 10 years so you can make informed decisions about your portfolio. Track your portfolio on the go and continue to stay up to the minute on economic and company news while you’re away from the office. While this app is a valuable tool for the professional, it is also great for those who are just starting out and want to stay current on their portfolio.