Common Leadership Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Keys-to-Running-a-2 (2)

Entrepreneurs running their own businesses are going to need to be leaders that inspire and motivate their teams. It goes without saying that most people that first settle into their role as a leader will inevitably take missteps and make mistakes. Instead of becoming frustrated by the mistakes, a true leader and capable entrepreneur will learn from the actions that don’t work and move toward correcting them to be more productive. The following mistakes are quite common amongst entrepreneurs, those new to a leadership role, and even the seasoned professional leader.


Not delegating work effectively

Delegating work to your employees is absolutely essential as your business grows. Being able to not only assign tasks to your employees but also be wise in who you distribute tasks to is going to help you be a more effective leader. Assess your team members strengths and weaknesses and allocate the work accordingly. Be willing to listen to your employees, if they’re willing to try something new that is not specifically in their wheelhouse, give them a chance as they may surprise you.


Being too hands-on or too hands-off

Some leaders pride themselves on being a more laid-back leader, while others take the opposite approach and tend to micromanage. These two polar opposites will not do you any favors as a leader. Try to figure out how you can be somewhat hands-off but also know what your employees are doing on a day to day basis. This can be a challenge and it will likely take practice in order to strike this balance.


Not building up your employees

Most people will thrive when they feel like their employer cares about their own growth and when they believe they are instrumental in the success of the business. One way to build up people is by offering them tools to grow their expertise further through continued training offerings. These pieces of training will not only help ensure that you have employees that are well-trained in their line of work, it will also likely motivate and better equip your employees to handle changes in the workplace.

Another way to build up your employees is by rewarding them for their excellent work on an important project or professionalism in dealing with a difficult client. Whatever the case may be, when an employee is significantly challenged and manages to come out on top, they should be rewarded.

These leadership mistakes may seem quite avoidable, however, it is easy to make them, especially early in your career as a leader. Make sure to assess your leadership techniques regularly and make sure you are being effective. If you do make a mistake, learn from it and you will continue to grow as a leader.


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