Three Aspects of Corporate Management

As an international investment executive and as CEO of PBS SA Capital Group, Alexander Christodoulakis manages a global portfolio of businesses in various industries within the financial sector.

In line with the investment management, another aspect of the few management duties of Alexander Christodoulakis is to provide corporate management, where in some cases important decisions have to taken. In some cases, the need for business or enterprise transformation may be required.

This added management approach also incorporates Business Process Re-engineering.
Should there be changes in the market or industry trends, businesses sometimes require enterprise transformation.

If a company’s products or services are out of date, funding, income or revenue streams being changed, new regulations coming into force or market competition becoming more competitive. These factors and more play a significant role in the life line and operational existence of most enterprises.

It is essential to make drastic changes for the purposes to:

a) Increase revenue, incomes or market position
b) Improve operational quality and customer satisfaction levels
c) Reduce and also cut out any unnecessary costs

Business transformation is achieved by one or more changes while realigning the way employees work and operate. How the organisation is structured, the core product or service portfolio of the business and how changes or even how technology can effect these changes for a more effective management.


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